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Prayer for peace in our home, unity in our marriage and family in handling a situation with one of our children. I started a new bible study and the enemy came after us hard today. We could use some prayer warriors to stand with us as we walk this out. I know He is faithful and His Goodness is in it, but it is causing a battle between the enemy and my husband's mind, in his thoughts, words, reactions, emotions and how he has chosen to handle the situation. I am standing firm on my position as his wife and standing by his side in prayer but it has him shaken. I'm praying that how we choose to handle it all, does not cause division in our home or family, but unity. May my husband lead us in the way the Lord chooses, drawing our child in and not pushing them away. That everyone is heard when we come together and work it out, that the Lord is present. That there is grace, mercy, forgiveness and unconditional love displayed in this, driving out all fear, doubt and judgment. That we as parents don't loose our focus on God and what His will is in all of this. That my husband hears clearly from the Lord and is the father and husband he needs to be to lead us out of this. And that the Holy Spirit leads me in my position as his wife and their mother.

Received: May 14, 2020

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